How a group of Democrats used Facebook to raise millions of dollars in a GOP race

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A small group of liberal Democrats used the social media platform to raise more than $1 million in a Republican primary for the Illinois Senate, a Republican operative told The Associated Press.

The campaign was set up on the Democratic Party’s website and a Facebook page.

The Illinois Republican Party and its affiliated groups raised more than 6.6 million dollars on the Facebook page and another 2.5 million on other social media platforms.

They did not respond to questions from the AP about the group’s existence.

The group’s president, Brian Jones, said the group is run by people with similar backgrounds and backgrounds in politics.

The $1.1 million campaign was run by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC).

The two committees had a combined $2.3 million on hand.

Jones said the DCCC had received money from both groups.

The DCCC is run as a super PAC by the party but has no control over its spending.

He said that the money raised by the DCC and NDRC came from small donors who are not registered to vote and are not eligible to contribute.

Jones also said the two groups had raised about $400,000 from small contributors.

The money raised on both campaigns is being distributed to the Democratic primary candidates, he said.

Jones, a former Illinois State Treasurer, said his group was looking to raise money to support incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Walsh in the upcoming election.

Jones’ group is the latest example of liberal groups using social media to raise cash in a campaign for political office.

In July, Facebook and Google, both of which have a significant presence on the social network, released a joint statement in support of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, who has been struggling in a re-election bid against GOP challenger Katie McGinty.

Udall has raised $100,000 so far on the group and another $1,000 on his own Facebook page, according to a post on his campaign’s page.

Udal is also a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Udals campaign is backed by several top Democratic donors including Rep. Maxine Waters of California and former Rep. Ron Dellums of New York.

The fundraising efforts are a sharp contrast to the campaign of Republican Rep. Pete Sessions, who is challenging Udall for his seat.

Sessions and his supporters have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook and other social platforms in recent weeks.


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