How to watch a debate in a democracy

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As we head into the final debate of the year, here are the most important moments from the last Democratic primary debate.


Sanders’s “We can’t let the oligarchs take over the economy” speech – Sanders’s speech was the most substantive of the night, drawing a strong and enthusiastic response from supporters of the Vermont senator.

He laid out a vision for a stronger economy, an economy that is more inclusive and in which everyone has a fair shot to succeed, and his focus on the need for an economic revolution that will end the rigged economy of our rigged politics.


Sanders: “It’s time for us to bring a real revolution into our political system” – Bernie Sanders’s address was a direct response to a question about whether the United States should have a “socialist” or “democratic” party in the future.

The Vermont senator pointed to his own record as an independent senator as proof of his vision for what that party should look like.


How does Bernie Sanders define “democratic socialism”?

– The senator took a hard line on what the term “democratic socialist” actually means.

“It means that we want to build a government that is accountable to all of its people,” Sanders said.

“We don’t want to have a government run by billionaires.

We don’t like billionaires.

So I want to get back to the principles of what we call ‘democratic socialism.'”


Sanders on the fight against climate change: “The world is going to be so much better when we solve the problem.”

– It was the third straight night of a debate that was framed around Sanders’s vision for economic and environmental justice.

Sanders said that if we don’t take steps to address the climate crisis, “we are going to see this world get so much worse before it gets better.”


Bernie Sanders: the time to fight for the 1%, not the 1% – On Wednesday, Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, argued that the current economic crisis can be traced back to a decades-long policy of “class warfare” waged by wealthy interests that have been pushing against social progress in the name of profits.

“What we are witnessing now is a concerted effort to reduce wages, cut benefits, privatize health care, and put people out of work,” Sanders argued.


What does Sanders have in mind for the future of our economy?

– “The economy is going in the right direction, but the way forward is not just going forward but also building on what has happened so far,” Sanders told his audience.

“And we need to be making those investments now.”


What are the key issues for the Democratic primary debates?

– While the candidates have had plenty of time to make their case to voters, the main topic of discussion so far has been climate change.


Is it time to replace Bernie Sanders?

– Sanders has made a big effort to connect with his supporters, arguing that the Democratic primaries are an opportunity to bring people together and unite the country.

“I want you to join me in standing up and standing up for working people and the middle class,” he said.


Will Bernie Sanders be able to win the nomination in the primaries?

– The debate is shaping up to be one of the most-anticipated in the history of the Democratic race.

Sanders will be hoping that his message of economic justice and social equity resonates with voters.

But, as the race tightens and the candidates prepare to square off in the final primary debate, Sanders and his team have been taking every opportunity to lay out a more nuanced vision for the party.


Sanders supporters have already been rallying around their candidate, calling on the party to unite behind him.


What’s next for the Sanders campaign?

– As he prepares for the debate, the Vermont socialist is working on a wide range of policy proposals to address inequality and economic inequality.

The senator also has a wide-ranging agenda, from reforming the financial industry to investing in infrastructure to expanding the Voting Rights Act.


What is Bernie Sanders trying to achieve with his campaign?

Sanders has already built a network of more than 12 million supporters, including millions of young people.

His message is clear, and that has already won him support among young voters.

He has also made strides in building a grassroots network of supporters who are willing to work for change.

But it remains to be seen how he will use the debate stage to build support for his policies, or how he can be a viable candidate for the nomination.


Sanders is not a political novice – As the race for the Republican nomination tightens, Republican presidential candidates are taking steps to broaden their appeal and try to connect to the voters who support them.

Jeb Bush, for instance, recently launched a national ad campaign targeting millennials, which highlights Sanders’s platform


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