Which candidate will win the debate in 2020?

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FourFourtwo – Politics Editor Dan Dicks, who joined FourFour two years ago, reveals the candidates that he thinks will win in 2020.

The candidates include former US President Joe Biden, former prime minister Tony Abbott, and former president of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. 

Debate Results: The results of the four debates have now been released, with the results showing that both Joe Biden and Tony Abbott have won each debate, and will be vying for the Presidency of the Americas in 2020, but only one will be on the ballot. 

The other four debates will be held between November 3 and 16. 

Biden has won the first four debates, which were held in June 2020.

Abbott has won two of the first three debates, and won the fourth debate in November. 

Joe Biden: Bids to be Vice President of the USA have now ended, and it seems like it’s time for the 2020 US Presidential race to pick up some momentum. 

It is important to remember that Joe Biden has been in the Presidential race for two years, and has never held the position of President of America.

He has had a huge impact on American politics, as he has done more than any other candidate in his Presidency. 

Tony Abbott: In the first two debates, Tony Abbott won the debate over Biden, but lost the debate to Biden. 

This debate, however, showed that he was far more competitive than any of the other candidates, and that he could win the Presidency.

The debate also showed that Abbott is far more conservative than the other two, and he won over many voters who have not been able to vote for any of his other candidates. 

Antonio Guterre: Guterres was a surprise winner of the debate, winning the debate against Biden and Abbott. 

Gutierrez was also very competitive in this debate, as the other debates had shown that he is not the most popular President in the country. 

Abbott: Abbot has been running for President for two decades, but his time in the Presidency has been a huge factor in his popularity.

He was the President for over six months, during which time he has won every election in the United States of America since taking office. 

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