Hillary Clinton’s debate performance on CNN is ‘not good enough’

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the stage at a Democratic debate in Iowa on Tuesday night and delivered an impassioned, often emotional, address, as she sought to turn around her own campaign and the Democratic Party.

During her time in the White House, Clinton has often been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, calling him out in his attacks on her family, her character and her record as a candidate.

But as she took the floor at the Iowa Democratic Party’s State of the Union, the former first lady and first lady’s husband made a rare, but important, appearance to defend his wife’s performance in the Democratic debates.

“I think what’s been going on is, she’s been a great campaigner, she has been a strong advocate for people, and she’s had a real tough time on policy,” Clinton said.

“And that’s been the story, and that’s what I’ve been able to tell you.

So, I think she’s gotten a lot of credit for it.

But I think what we need to be talking about is what happened on the policy side, not just the campaign side.

And I think, I know, a lot is going to change with the new president.”

Clinton also said that she and Trump have different styles, but that both are working to achieve the same goals.

“It is a different kind of politics, it’s a different sort of strategy,” she said.

But she also took aim at Trump for “the insults and the insults” he’s used against her.

“When you have someone who is so obviously not your kind of president, and yet somehow is very popular and so much of what he says, there is a disconnect,” she added.

“So I don’t think he’s going to have a very good long term in office, and I don, you know, don’t really know if he’s gonna have a long term.

Clinton said she has worked to improve her relationship with the media, as well as her own personal image. “

He’s been very, very aggressive, I mean, he’s been extremely aggressive.”

Clinton said she has worked to improve her relationship with the media, as well as her own personal image.

“One of the things that I’ve learned, and so many of you have, is that we all have to be very careful about how we react to the press,” she told the crowd.

And we need some humility, some openness, to just sort of say that we’re not really sure. “

We need to find a way to be in a position where we can say what we really believe.

And we need some humility, some openness, to just sort of say that we’re not really sure.

But it’s not going anywhere.”

Clinton’s remarks were notable for their brevity and focused on her own record as first lady, as opposed to the campaign trail.

She spent much of her time defending her husband’s record as president, which she said was not a great first-term president, while her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), focused on Trump’s business record.

Clinton’s speech was punctuated by a moment when she joked about her own children’s health care, saying that she had the responsibility of protecting them from Donald Trump’s proposals to gut the Affordable Care Act.

“They will get it.

They’re going to be fine,” Clinton joked, joking that her daughter Chelsea was a “little nervous.”

But her remarks weren’t without their critics, with some Democrats saying they could be interpreted as an attempt to “pander” to the Trump base.

“This is really a good moment,” former President Bill Clinton said, as Clinton was speaking.

“The first time you get on a debate stage, you get to answer some of the questions that are coming at you.

You’re able to show your credentials, but you’re also trying to do it in a way that’s more positive.”

For Sanders, his performance was overshadowed by a comment he made about Clinton’s health.

“Her health is the issue, her health is a major issue,” he said, before he later corrected himself.

“Hillary’s health is not a major concern,” he added.

The former president also called on his wife to continue fighting to end the use of “deadbeat dads” and said that he would continue to work to help the families of the fallen.

“That’s something that we are going to continue to do.

I mean we are gonna continue to fight,” Sanders said.

Clinton addressed her husband as well, calling the current debate process “unfair,” saying she was “very proud” of her husband.

“As a mom, I’ve never seen a presidential candidate do more than she has, but this is a first-rate campaign,” Clinton told the


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