Which debate was more fun? The first one or the last one?

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The first debate between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz was a “disappointing” affair, according to one of the main organizers of the event, but it was a close contest, according the second-most watched debate.

A new online survey of debate watchers shows that the first debate, between the two candidates, drew more viewers than the second, held on the same night in Florida.

The online survey, which included 1,200 debate watcher data, found that Trump had a higher viewer base than Cruz.

The survey was conducted between June 14 and 16, after Trump won the first presidential debate and Cruz lost to Trump in a second debate.

The second debate drew more than 5.2 million viewers, which made it the second most watched debate in history.

That puts it ahead of the first Republican debate, held in 1988, which drew nearly 4.6 million viewers.

But the second debate was seen as a more important debate than the first, said Mark Zandi, chief executive officer of The Zandi Group, which conducted the survey.

“The debates are the main event, and then the show is just an extension of that,” he said.

“We’re seeing that people watch both debates on television, but they watch them live on the Internet, and that’s the big advantage that we’re seeing in terms of engagement.”

The Zandis found that viewers of both debates watched at least twice as many minutes of the third debate, which took place three days later.

In fact, Cruz’s viewership was on par with Trump’s, with a viewer count of 1.9 million.

Trump’s viewership is about 2.5 million, according To Nielsen.

But Cruz’s audience is smaller, with less than 3 million viewers watching the third Trump debate.

In terms of viewership of the candidates’ other debates, which started a month before the first two, Trump had the best ratings of all the candidates, according Nielsen.

He drew nearly 1.6 billion viewers, and Cruz drew about 2 billion.

Cruz had the most viewers of any candidate in the first three debates, but Trump’s audience was the best of any of them, with more than 4.1 million viewers a day.

The two candidates also had more viewers watching their other debates on YouTube than watching the first.

Cruz’s popularity is likely because of the debates and the way they are televised.

“It’s like an open competition for viewers,” said Zandi.

“In terms of viewing the first debates, the second debates are much more watched than the third.

The third debate is a little bit harder to watch, because of all that’s happening.

But in terms in terms to what’s happening on the web, you can get more viewers.”

CNN and ABC News have both aired the first Trump and Cruz debates, and both have been viewed by nearly half a billion people.

The debate was also watched by nearly 3.5 billion people in the United States and Canada, according CNN.

The Nielsen online survey also found that the second and third debates drew higher-than-expected viewership, but that was a result of the fact that Trump was the winner in the second presidential debate.

Cruz has a larger audience in Canada, which has an estimated 4.7 million people, and was the second highest-rated debate in the country.

Trump, however, has a smaller audience in the U.S. and Canada.

“That’s a good question, is that a good or bad thing?,” said John Ralston, president of Nielsen.

“Obviously the first one, which is really interesting, was pretty good, but obviously the second one was very disappointing.”

Ralstone also noted that Trump’s popularity was higher in the USA than in Canada.

He said that Trump may have been “better-liked” in the UK than in France, but the numbers show that the U:S.

audience is actually smaller than in other countries.

“I think it’s a fair point that we see in other nations that people may be more familiar with a certain leader, but I think we are seeing that in other places that you’re seeing a different level of enthusiasm,” he added.

“He may be perceived as being more like a leader than people here in the US are.”

Cruz’s online viewership numbers were higher than Trump’s in other European countries, according, but he did not have the same impact on other countries that he did in the Americas.

“There are different levels of engagement,” said Ralsten.

“You’re seeing different types of people.

There are people who watch the debates online.

There’s people who go to the live event.

There is an audience in France that goes to the debate, and there is an online audience in Spain that goes on Twitter, and those people have different levels that are different from people in other parts of the world.”

The survey also shows that more people watched the third Cruz


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