Why the presidential debates are boring and Trump isn’t worth watching

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In the face of a torrent of criticism, President Donald Trump continues to try to make a point that isn’t being made on television.

His response to the DNC’s refusal to invite former Vice President Joe Biden to the final debate was predictable: he accused the DNC of being in league with the media. 

The problem is that while Trump is using the media as a shield against criticism, he is doing so without being held accountable for his actions. 

And, as the media has been forced to do over the last week, the press has been complicit in this process. 

I’ll admit, it was tough to watch the presidential debate last night when it was all Trump, all the time.

There were many moments when the moderators tried to play down the size of the audience and ignore the fact that the debate was being held in a very crowded stadium. 

But, as usual, Trump was not held accountable.

Instead, he got to be the star of the show.

And that’s when I realized the media is complicit in Trump’s campaign to delegitimize the democratic process.

As I watched the debates unfold, I couldn’t help but notice the many times where the press was forced to act as an apologist for the Trump campaign. 

First, during the debate itself, the moderator was asked to take the stage in front of the entire arena.

The moderator refused. 

After the moderator made his comments, the media went on a massive attack against the moderator and the candidate.

They said that he had been silenced by Trump. 

Then, the moderators were asked to repeat what Trump had said during the debates.

The reporters said that Trump had been disrespectful to the press. 

Later, during a news conference, the reporter who interviewed Trump was asked, “Are you going to retract your comments on the Russian election interference?

You said that Russia did it.

Is that still your view?

Are you still a supporter of Vladimir Putin?” 

 The reporter said no. 

It was a perfect example of how the media had turned its back on the candidate and his campaign.

They had turned against the candidate by saying nothing.

The media was complicit in that. 

In the end, the debates are really the perfect opportunity for the media to get back to being apolitical, apolitical reporters.

They have to be apolitical to remain unbiased.

They must not be apathetic.

They should be critical of the candidates actions and decisions.

But, instead, the mainstream media has taken the bait and gone full Trump.

The Trump-media collusion that is happening on television and in the press is what makes Trump’s candidacy so problematic.

Trump’s message to the media in the 2016 election campaign was, “I’m the guy who will not let you talk to me about politics.” 

It’s that message that is causing this to happen now.

And, as Trump is forced to answer questions from the media, he will continue to attempt to turn the media against him. 

He will not be held accountable and the media will continue its campaign of undermining him and his administration.


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