How to keep track of all the presidential debates

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The presidential debates have been an ongoing fixture of the 2016 campaign, with candidates competing for the public’s attention in their respective races, with the debates having been a crucial element of the campaigns momentum in the months leading up to the election.

With the Democratic and Republican debates currently underway, the time has come for an update on the 2016 presidential debates.

With debates being held every two years, we’ve taken a look at the latest debates from 2016, to provide a quick refresher on how they’re run. 

The 2016 presidential debate schedule The 2016 presidential candidates debated during the 2016 election cycle.

In order to ensure that all debates follow the rules set by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the candidates and moderators are allowed to participate in any event.

The CPD allows each candidate and moderator to speak at one debate, with debates scheduled for February 8, October 16, and November 6. 

But before the debates, there are certain requirements for each event: The candidates and their running mates are allowed 10 minutes each to speak, and the candidates must remain on stage for 90 seconds before moving on to the next debate. 

Candidates must have at least five minutes to respond to questions from the audience, but not more than 10 minutes. 

Questions can be as long as 40 minutes, but moderators must limit questions to one-minute time. 

In order to avoid conflicts, the candidates are allowed up to 20 questions. 

To be able to speak for the first time, a candidate must have been invited to the debate, which can happen when they appear at the debate on the second day of the debates or the first day of a debate on October 20. 

If the candidate or moderator does not participate in the debate within 10 minutes, the moderator or candidate can decide to postpone the event, and either a moderator or the candidates team can intervene to make the event happen. 

All of the candidates who participated in the debates were required to sign a contract agreeing to be on stage at any time during the debate.

The debates were originally scheduled for October 19, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the debates will now be held on October 25. 

This debate schedule is in line with the CPD rules, which stipulate that the candidates will be allowed 15 minutes to speak. 

Each debate will have a minimum of two debates.

The minimum number of debates will be 15, with a maximum of 30. 

On October 24, the CPMC announced that the debates would be held in three different time slots, with each slot being held on a different day.

The debate on November 6 will be held at 7 p.m.

EST, while the debates on October 16 and November 8 will be hosted at 10 EST. 

We have a look back at the 2016 debates, with highlights from each candidate. 

How the debates are conducted in 2016 The CPD’s rules dictate that the presidential candidates and moderator are permitted to speak during the presidential debate.

But that’s not always the case. 

For example, in March, Donald Trump was asked about his recent comments about Muslims being an inferior race.

Trump, who has had multiple racially charged comments in the past, said that he would not have endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, because she would have “made a mistake” and not “make the right decisions.” 

However, on October 26, after the debate was postponed due to concerns about the coronacide virus, Trump said he would be open to having the debates held in the middle of the night, as long he could make the decision. 

Trump was asked in March whether he would allow debates on Election Day to be held during the middle part of the day, as opposed to the evening hours. 

“If I were to have it in the morning and we’re all asleep, we’re going to have to wait till noon.

So if we’re not all asleep at noon, we have to be awake at 3 or 4 or 5, and if I’m not awake at noon then I would have to make a decision, but I’m open to that,” Trump said. 

At a press conference on November 2, the moderators said they had concerns about Trump’s comment. 

A representative from the CMP said that there was no issue with Trump making that statement, but that they also have concerns about his comments about the Muslim faith. 

According to the CFP, there was an argument between the moderators and the candidate about whether to allow the debates to be televised in the same room, with Trump saying that the debate should be in the living room, and moderators saying that they did not think the debate would be broadcast on television. 

Donald Trump, in response to a question about whether he thinks the debate is broadcast on TV, said, “We’ll make a determination as to whether it is.” 

A spokesperson for NBC News said that they had asked the CPP to


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