When the world’s best poker player is not winning a title, he’s at the helm of one of the biggest online poker platforms

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The world’s biggest online casino operator has just released its latest annual report.

The company’s CEO, Steve Waddell, was asked about his company’s record-breaking fourth-quarter earnings.

“It’s a very exciting year,” Waddells response said.

“We have done the most significant business acquisition of any of the major casino operators, and that’s been a real benefit to the business.”

We’ve built a strong business around online poker, we’ve built it to be a sustainable business, and we’re very confident about the future of poker in the US and the world.

“He added: “We’re really excited about the opportunities in the world of online poker.

“The company also announced it had acquired an equity stake in a global bitcoin exchange, and said it was the first major US-based company to offer a bitcoin exchange service.

PokerStars, the biggest US online poker site, is also expanding.

It is set to add more slots and a new mobile app, but has yet to announce a release date.

Waddell also said the company is “very excited” about the growth of the poker world.”

The number of new entrants into the online poker market has been phenomenal,” he said.

In total, the online casino has seen a 33 per cent increase in the number of players since the company’s initial launch in 2015.

Waddells company also saw its revenue increase by almost $1 million to $16.4 million, an increase of 23 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Pokerstars has been criticised for being too secretive about its financial performance.

The company is also under fire for its high-stakes poker games and its decision to only pay poker players based in the United States.

On Friday, the Federal Reserve said it had concerns about how the company was handling its revenue and its profitability, and would take action against it.

Pokestop.com CEO Steve Wadgets first statement in response to the news of the Federal Government announcement was posted to the company website on Friday afternoon.”

PokerStar is a global leader in online poker and it is clear to us that our business model is working, and continues to be the most successful in the industry,” the statement read.”

While our business has grown over the past several years, we have also made significant investments in our global business to help us better serve our players, and are excited about our future growth plans.

“Read more about poker and online poker at Business Insider.


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