How to counter the Trump-Pence “Trumpification” of America

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How to get rid of the Trumpification of America.

It’s a debate that’s been raging in our country for a long time.

It comes down to two questions: How do we replace the Trump administration?

And how do we keep our culture safe?

It’s all very simple.

Let’s begin with the answer to the first question.

How do you replace a President who has been so destructive of the people of America?

In a word, by removing him from office.

This is a simple but important proposition: The American people, led by the Democratic Party, voted for him and have voted for his policies, not to replace him, but to undo his damage.

For many years, the Democratic-controlled Congress has worked behind the scenes to ensure that the Trump Administration does not get its way.

Under the guise of a constitutional amendment, the Democrats voted to dismantle the Constitution.

This has been a hallmark of their agenda.

The president is an unelected, self-created Supreme Court judge who is in charge of determining who can serve on the court and who can’t.

The Supreme Court is also an un-elected body that has no power over our laws.

This process is called impeachment.

It requires the vote of a simple majority of the Senate and the House.

The majority must be 100% in favor of removal from office of the president.

The Constitution gives the president broad power to do what he wants.

He can fire, arrest, imprison, and deport anyone.

The Trump Administration has taken these powers away from the people by dismantling the law and stripping away protections that protect us from the dangers posed by the President and his administration.

If you have any doubt about how President Trump and his Republican allies in Congress intend to take away our civil liberties, just look at what happened in California last month when Republicans voted to remove the President of the United States from office by a vote of 95 to 6.

California Governor Jerry Brown and his Democratic colleagues were attempting to put an end to a President they said had no respect for the people.

After California’s Democratic legislators failed to overturn their constitutional mandate to remove him, they tried to do the same in Massachusetts.

After a bipartisan coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters rejected them, the state legislature tried to use a provision in the state’s constitution to remove President Trump.

The legislature refused.

Instead, they moved to strip away protections for free speech, assembly, and the right to petition the legislature for a constitutional convention.

The Republicans are attempting to take our civil rights away from us in this country by removing our president from office, and they are doing it in this most vulnerable of places.

What the Democrats are doing is in direct conflict with the First Amendment.

The First Amendment says that government may not violate the rights of any individual.

The rights of individuals are the fundamental freedoms guaranteed to us under the U.S. Constitution.

They are protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments, and we have a duty to uphold them.

This isn’t just a question of what we can or can’t do.

This was a matter of life and death.

We had to decide if we were going to defend those freedoms, or to allow our freedoms to be trampled by a political party that seeks to deprive them.

And we decided that we had to defend them by exercising the most basic of our rights under the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments.

It was a moral choice.

The United States has a long history of defending the rights and freedoms of all Americans.

For generations, we have fought to protect these rights and liberties in the name of freedom.

This history has not been lost on the Democrats.

The Democrats have been in power since Ronald Reagan was president.

They have fought for our rights against the will of the American people.

They fought for the civil rights of the LGBT community, women, people of color, and others.

They sought to eliminate the Voting Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act, and a host of other laws that were meant to protect us.

The same is true of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting and Civil Rights Acts of 1965 and 1966, and, in the last three years of George W. Bush’s administration, they were actively fighting to dismantle laws meant to prevent the election of white supremacists, white supremacists of every stripe, racist hate groups, and other hate groups who would use the power of the state to commit acts of violence against our people.

But the Democratic majority in the U


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