Democracy debate on video – VP debate: ‘I don’t care about my gender, I just want a fair election’

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The VP debate was a big event.

It was the culmination of the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and the final showdown between two political outsiders who had both been seen as frontrunners for the Democratic nomination.

The first debate had gone on for two weeks, and it had become clear that Clinton had won the first debate in a landslide, and Sanders was no longer a serious contender for the nomination.

On the other hand, Clinton’s team had a number of big wins in the first two debates, including her concession speech in the third.

This was the first of two big debates on the same day, the other being the third one that was held a week later.

It had all the makings of a big show.

A lot of people were in their seats.

And there was a lot of buzz around the place.

That is, if there were any.

But the VP debate in Mumbai was, for the most part, a bust.

There was little sign of excitement from the audience.

Even at the outset, the two candidates were not even close to the stage.

They were being interviewed in separate booths.

Clinton was being interviewed by two Indian reporters in the front of the hall, while Sanders was being interview by a third reporter, an Indian journalist in the back.

They did not have the same camera angle.

Both candidates spoke slowly, but there was no way to really catch their breath.

In the main hall, there were some more people.

They had their phones on them.

But they were still waiting for the VP candidates to take the stage to address the audience, and the VP candidate was in the middle of a question.

The moderator was a young man in a black tuxedo who was being escorted by a few of the journalists, and who was wearing an Indian flag t-shirt.

He was asked a question by a reporter in the audience who was a supporter of the Indian candidate.

The man said that, “We don’t want you to know that we are in favour of the women’s right to vote.”

The candidate did not respond to the question.

It seemed as if the candidate did have an answer, but it was not clear to the Indian journalist if he was being sarcastic or sincere.

The Indian journalist asked him, “So if you were going to say anything, what would you say?”

The man replied, “I don.

I just don’t have any idea.”

The Indian reporter asked if he had a message to deliver to the audience to persuade them to vote for him.

The young man did not answer.

But he did give a speech, which was quite different from the other two candidates.

The reporter asked him again if he could give his response, and he again did not give it.

Then the reporter asked a second question, this time to the man himself.

“Are you happy with the results of the last election?”

The young person responded, “No, no, no.

I am sorry, but we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

The reporter then asked him about his position on the gender pay gap.

“I have no opinion on that, because I don’t believe that gender discrimination is the answer.

I don?t believe that the answer is gender equality,” the young man replied.

The journalist asked again, “Are there any women candidates running in the US right now?”

The answer was no.

The next question was about the election.

The candidate answered, “Well, I don?”t know.

I do not know, and I would like to know.

“The journalist then asked the question again, and again, the man did have a response, but the question did not make it clear whether it was serious or sarcastic.

The debate was on, but that did not stop people from talking about the candidates.

There were more questions than answers, and there was also more shouting.

At one point, someone shouted, “Vijay!


Vijay!” which meant, “Vote Vijay!

“A few people shouted, as well, but nobody in the crowd shouted at the person.

The woman, however, was heard yelling, “She must be a liar, Vijay, Vijaya, Vijya, Vijey.”

The question was repeated a few times, and one by one the crowd went quiet.

Then, one of the reporters asked the young candidate a question: “You do not agree with the gender wage gap?”

The other reporter asked again: “Are women candidates going to come forward?” “

Are we going to hear a response to that?” the reporter said.

The other reporter asked again: “Are women candidates going to come forward?”

The candidate responded, to which the reporter replied, ‘Well, yes, but you have to ask them what they think.’

The next reporter asked the man: “But are women candidates being nominated?”

The same question was asked again.


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