Why is the debate about democracy so tough?

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A new survey of Australian voters finds a broad consensus that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Key points:In the last poll, 61 per cent of voters supported a return to a vote-based electoral systemThe survey found only 28 per cent supported a national voteFor the first time, the pollsters were also asked whether they thought a return would be good for Australia.

Only 24 per cent said yes, and 25 per cent were unsure.

While a majority of Australians supported a vote for a direct vote in 2019, most were not enthusiastic about a return.

A majority of those surveyed said the country was headed in the right direction, but only a quarter thought a vote would be better.

The survey of 1,004 voters was conducted between December 10 and 12.

In the first poll, 63 per cent favoured a return, with 27 per cent saying no.

That was followed by an overwhelming support for a vote to direct national resources towards election campaigns, with 78 per cent in favour.

The poll also found that Australians were more likely to be supportive of the idea of a plebiscite than a national poll, with 46 per cent supporting a plebeiscite, compared with 28 per% for a national one.

But the survey also found a clear divide on whether a vote should be held in 2019.

One-quarter of those polled were against a vote in 2020, compared to 15 per cent who supported it.

And the poll found that the public was divided on whether it was better to vote in the next federal election or in a plebsion.

Almost half (47 per cent) thought the next election should be in 2019 and 31 per cent thought it should be 2019, with only a third of respondents agreeing with the latter option.

More:Polling data has shown a slight rise in support for the national vote, but it remains a minority positionThe latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey found that support for an Australian referendum on the country’s direction was unchanged at 41 per cent.

But in the survey of respondents aged 18-64, the share of those in favour of the referendum jumped to 61 per cen.

The latest poll, conducted between November 14 and 16, also found there was a slight increase in support to the idea that a referendum should be carried out in 2019 over 2020.

In 2019, 59 per cent backed a referendum, while 26 per cent did not.

That rose to 51 per cent now, with 28% saying they did not support the idea at all.

The ABS also found strong support for Australia’s continued engagement in international affairs, with 54 per cent wanting the country to continue with an open door policy towards the world, up from 47 per cent last year.

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