When it comes to the debate, what did President Barack Obama say about the debate and what does it say about him?

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TIME ran a story on Friday with the headline: ‘It was a joke’: Obama says the debate was ‘not a joke’.

TIME ran the story again on Sunday with the title: ‘There’s an upside to being a joke, though’: Obama on the debate.

Time ran the article on Thursday with the news that the debate had been cancelled and that the Presidential Debate Commission (PCC) had announced that it was pulling the plug.

TIME also ran a series of articles on Saturday which included interviews with former Presidents Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, and Barack Obama.

The articles focused on the question of whether Obama should have been allowed to participate in the debate because he had made a series to mock Romney and the moderator, Candy Crowley.

The PCC, which had been appointed to determine whether Obama was eligible for a debate, has since announced that Obama had been allowed on the programme.

Time also ran the piece on Friday.

TIME had asked whether Obama’s decision to participate was ‘justifiable’.

The response, which TIME quoted from a spokesperson, said: “There was never a discussion that the President should be allowed to be on this debate.

The Presidential Debate commission is currently assessing the circumstances and we will update this post accordingly.”

In a statement to TIME, the PCC said: The Presidential Debates Commission, under the leadership of Dr David Plouffe, is undertaking an extensive review of the debate process and its outcome.

This includes assessing whether there was a reasonable basis for allowing the Presidential Debating Commission to approve participation of President Obama on a debate.

President Obama is on the stage at the first debate between the candidates of the Republican Party.

Time and TIME magazine have also written extensively on the controversy.

TIME magazine wrote on Saturday that “It was just a joke”.

TIME’s editor-in-chief, John Bohannon, wrote on Twitter that “I’m just saying to be honest, we were laughing about this.”

The article also quoted a former adviser to Obama, former adviser Valerie Jarrett, saying that Obama was “just being a little sarcastic.”

TIME also quoted former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who said that Obama “had to say he could be a little funny.”

TIME has also written on the issue: On the debate stage, Obama, the nation’s first black president, is being asked to defend himself against a series in which he has mocked Mitt Romney’s face and body, mocked his wife Michelle and has mocked the moderators.

On the night, Obama and Romney are on opposite sides of a debate stage where he is being challenged by Romney and Crowley, a former moderator for CBS and NBC News.

TIME’s report said that when Obama and the other candidates arrived at the debate venue in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night, they were not allowed to take questions from the press.

TIME said that at the time, Crowley told the group that they had to leave the press room “in a little bit of a hurry.”

TIME said Crowley told them that they would have to be escorted to a waiting limousine if they did not leave.

TIME has previously reported on the political and media fallout from the debate which resulted in a series, ‘The Romney Doctrine’, that included videos mocking Romney’s dress and hair, mocking the tone of the moderator and mocking the Romney campaign.


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