How to win a debate with Hillary Clinton: How to talk about the candidates’ policies

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I think the idea of an “open debate” is a pretty new one.

For decades, the left has been arguing that debates should be open and free to everyone to participate in, because it helps voters understand the candidates and what they stand for.

The idea that debates are supposed to be free to the candidates has been the cornerstone of the Bernie Sanders campaign, which was based on this idea.

And, as the Sanders campaign has become increasingly successful, it has gotten a lot of attention.

But it’s worth exploring why this idea is important to the left.

A debate is, in a sense, a public discussion, which is why we have debates at all.

The problem is that debates have become increasingly dominated by one side or the other, and the public tends to be more interested in hearing what the candidates have to say.

In many ways, the two sides are not even discussing the issues that they’re trying to debate, but rather, trying to paint each other as untrustworthy.

There is also a certain amount of political pressure to do so, which makes it hard to have a discussion.

For instance, when I talk to people about my issues, they often get angry and ask me, “You know, you’re right.

She’s an authoritarian.

You can’t be honest about that.”

They also want to know whether I agree with them or not, which creates an opportunity for people to look at me as a liar.

But this is a very old debate, and it’s been around for years.

The debate is the first step in building a movement.

We need to start it.

So, what’s an open debate?

The idea is that the public can participate in the debate and try to come up with answers.

And they can also vote on how they feel about the candidate’s policies, which can help shape what happens at the debate.

The main problem is one that we often see with these debates: They get too heated, which leads to more people voting against their own interest.

In fact, one of the criticisms of this process is that it is more of a public relations exercise than a debate.

That is, you have to convince the public that you’re a credible candidate, and if you don’t have a strong case, you can’t win.

That’s why we need to stop doing it.

First, we need an open and honest debate, because people should be able to participate.

Second, there is no guarantee that the candidates will get the answers that they need to be heard, because they will get those answers by going to great lengths to avoid answering.

That means that they will also try to spin their own answers in order to paint their opponents as untruthful and deceitful.

This creates an environment that is more likely to favor their side.

Third, the public needs to know that the debate is open and that the answers will be heard.

This can be done by doing a little research about the issues in question.

The media is usually the most reliable source for information about a candidate’s record.

This is especially true for candidates who are running for president, since there is often a lot to be said about them.

For example, candidates who run against the Democratic Party generally have a reputation for being weak on social issues, like abortion, gun control, immigration, or even gay marriage.

There are also certain issues that are particularly sensitive to liberals and progressives, like climate change.

As a result, it’s not unusual for the candidates to spend a lot more time talking about these issues than other issues.

There’s a reason why Donald Trump’s “pussygrabber” comment was so controversial.

In most other cases, candidates have been careful to avoid talking about issues that might be perceived as sensitive to them.

They have been reluctant to speak out about issues they might be vulnerable to being attacked over.

They’ve been careful not to say anything that could be perceived to be racist or sexist.

And for many candidates, their message is that they are not particularly interested in talking about any of the issues they are running on, because the left is too much interested in attacking them.

We are going to start an open, honest, and respectful debate about the most pressing issues of our time, because we need a strong movement to fight for economic justice, racial justice, and women’s rights.

It’s also important to note that the debates should also be about issues like gender and race.

There should be a discussion about the importance of women in the workforce and how that can lead to gender inequality.

And there should be an opportunity to look beyond just one issue, like whether the economy is in crisis.

There can also be an examination of the candidates stances on immigration and other issues that can affect workers and communities.

Finally, there should also have an opportunity on the campaign trail to speak to people who aren’t listening to the other side.

For the candidates, the debates are a way to get out the message, and that


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