How the debate ratings compare to the debates of the past three years

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There’s no debate rating system for the debates this year.

And as a result, the debates have a much lower average audience. 

The ABC has just released the number of debates in the past four years, and it’s not surprising to see the ratings plummet from their heights in 2013.

The ABC’s debate ratings are at their lowest since 2012.

Source: ABC News  The ratings also have little relation to the number of people watching the debate. 

A week ago, ABC audience was around 7.7 million.

Today, the ABC has lost 2.2 million viewers, or just over half its audience.

ABC’s debate audience fell below 2 million a week ago.

And it’s fallen well below 1 million since the last debate, when the audience was at 5.7m.

“It’s really the lowest audience we’ve ever had,” said John McTernan, an analyst with Nielsen.

“I don’t think you’d call it a debate performance, I just don’t know what it is.”

In 2012, the debate numbers were more like 3 million viewers.

But this year the ABC is struggling to keep the audience below that.

According to a study by Nielsen, only 11 of the 14 ABC regional regional and state networks have audiences below 2m.

It’s not a lot of audiences, but it’s still more than the previous three years combined.

As of this morning, the average audience for all the ABC regional and regional networks was 7.5m.

And the average ABC regional audience for the past two years is 4.4m.

That’s lower than the average for all three years in a row.

With fewer viewers, the networks have to cut back on some of their debates and take away some of the prime time.

This is not the first time the ABC debate ratings have been so low.

During the debate on Monday, the numbers dropped by about 10 per cent, dropping to a 2.3m audience.

But on Thursday, ABC president Mark Scott defended the debate system as a “system that works”.

“We know that the debate is important and it is the only way we can deliver our content,” he said.

We know it works.

And it’s why the ABC remains the only ABC network to have a debate every week.

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