How to be a better debate debate partner

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Debating isn’t easy.

In fact, it’s so difficult it’s nearly impossible to do it right.

But for those with the ability to do so, here are a few tips to make your debates a lot more fun.1.

Keep your mouth shut.

In a debate, you need to be able to keep your mouth down.

You can’t let off steam, you can’t get caught up in the excitement, and you can only get caught in the muck.

And you need not be alone in your discomfort.

That’s why it’s important to be as quiet as possible when debating, to ensure everyone else feels comfortable.2.

Be careful of what you say.

It’s tempting to say something that will get everyone laughing, but if you’re not careful, you’ll just be making your fellow debate participants feel better.

A debate is a social event, so it’s crucial you’re careful not to offend anyone by saying something offensive.3.

Avoid shouting.

If you want to keep the atmosphere entertaining, don’t be too loud.

Instead, let your opponents know you’re watching the debate and want to get to know them.

If they do something you don’t like, say something to them about how they should correct their behavior.4.

Don’t talk too much.

Don, er, talk.

Debate moderators want you to be engaging and informative in every moment of the debate.

If your speech is interrupted by other participants, you’re more likely to get interrupted yourself.5.

Don’ t worry too much about how much you’re talking.

The only thing you need is the right amount of attention to keep everyone’s attention on you.

This is particularly important when debating with people with very different styles of debate.6.

Avoid the ‘shout’ factor.

Some debate moderators will use a loud “shout” at the beginning of each debate to signal their intent to interrupt your debate.

However, if you are really careful about what you’re saying, you won’t be interrupted, and your words will just get more attention.7.

Avoid telling people what they can’t hear.

The ‘shouting’ aspect of debate is good, but it’s also very distracting.

Debate participants need to focus on the facts.

They need to listen to the other speakers and be able see their ideas.

If, instead, you tell them what they should do, they’ll be more likely believe you.8.

Use the right words.

Debating is a contest of ideas, and there’s nothing wrong with using the right language to make a point.

But remember, it is also a social activity.

Make sure you’re clear about what’s expected of you and your opponent.9.

Avoid sarcasm.

The sarcasm you can say will likely get people talking, and that’s fine.

But if you use sarcasm, you are also encouraging the other participants to be rude and disagreeable, which can be distracting and not enjoyable.10.

Don  t give people the ‘it’ factor, either.

It might seem like it’s your turn to speak, but you needn’t feel guilty about being a good debater.

If someone else interrupts you, you will always have the opportunity to respond.

The truth is, it can be hard to respond when someone is interrupting you.


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