Debate review: ‘Not perfect’ but ‘good enough’

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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are the two candidates who could be considered the most “polarizing” presidential candidates in the race.

Rubio, the Republican nominee, is viewed by many as the front-runner in Florida and has an extremely high unfavorable rating.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee and a former reality TV star, is seen by many voters as a more “moderate” candidate and has a slightly lower favorable rating.

The debate will take place on Sept. 26 at the University of Miami.

The candidates have a strong ground game in the Sunshine State, but the race has a number of issues that could hurt their standing in the state.

Rubio is facing a tough reelection campaign in Florida, which he won in 2016.

Rubio has said he would not support Trump in the general election, saying that Trump “needs to be challenged on issues and his record of flip-flopping is not good enough for our country.”

Trump has also said that Rubio “needs a serious fight,” but Trump has a stronger campaign organization and the Florida Republican Party is expected to spend a significant amount of money in the campaign.

But Rubio and Trump have also had a rocky relationship in the past.

In May, the two were at odds over a proposal by Rubio to increase the number of visas for undocumented immigrants.

Trump also has questioned the reliability of the results of an independent audit of the presidential race conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

And the two have sparred over whether to expand Medicaid.

“We’ve got a lot of problems that I think are going to take some time to get over, but we’ll be ready,” Rubio said in a June interview.

Trump has said that he would “make America great again” and that he will work with Democrats to fix the country’s “terrible” problems, but Rubio said on June 13 that he “will never be able to make America great.”


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