Bernie Sanders wins debate live as CNN debate winner, CNN anchors say

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper, host Anderson Cooper and former president Joe Biden all said the Democratic presidential candidate beat Republican rival Donald Trump in the first debate on Sunday.

The debate featured some of the best-documented debates of the 2016 election, and the moderators said Sanders’ ability to make his case to voters was the main reason the race was close in the end.

“What I think that was really impressive was that he was able to bring a lot of the issues that people care about to the forefront,” Cooper said.

“And I think people are tired of seeing their standard of living go down.”

Cooper also said the debate gave voters an opportunity to hear from the candidates, which “really helped the conversation” as the race moved into a second round.

“The debate was really about the issues,” he said.

“I think what was really striking was that when we were looking at the candidates on a lot more issues, we found a lot that is not a big part of the conversation in this election cycle.”CNN anchors Anderson Cooper, left, and Jake Tappers, right, at the second Democratic presidential debate. 

Image: CNNThe debate also saw Trump come under fire for his comments about the media, and for some of his comments, the moderators also found that the candidates were willing to discuss.

“One of the things that I found really interesting was when we started talking about the Trump-Sanders debate, he came back and he talked about his campaign being a disaster and he had been so disrespectful to the media,” Cooper noted.

“He was talking about how much better his campaign was than everybody else’s and he was talking, ‘Oh my God, you have no idea how many people are dying.’

I just thought, I don’t think people understand how bad his campaign has been.”

Coop also noted that Sanders was able for the first time to address the issue of climate change.

“You know, he talked a lot about the climate change issue, but he also talked about the campaign and he made a very strong case that he had a real shot at defeating the Trump campaign, which is very encouraging,” Cooper added.

“I thought he was the best debater I’ve seen tonight.”CNN anchor Chris Cuomo also criticized the Republican nominee, saying he didn’t have the “temperament” to get past Trump.

“That’s something that we’ve seen throughout the campaign, Chris Cuomo, because we’ve been saying all along that you have a temperament that can’t win, and he just didn’t seem to be able to do that tonight,” Cooper observed.

“But the thing about this debate, I think, is that it showed the world, if you look at his temperament, that he doesn’t like to get into the tussle, but if you can keep your temper up, you can get through the tumbles.”

“The thing about Chris Cuomo is, he just can’t help himself,” Cooper continued.

“You know what he’s talking about?

The climate change thing.

That’s not what he said, and that’s the kind of thing that he’s not very good at.

He’s not good at handling things like that.”

Trump also made headlines during the debate, saying that the United States should not pay the cost of protecting its borders because of a recent surge of illegal immigration.

Cooper noted that the Republican candidate said that he has no problem with Mexico paying for the border wall.

“But he said that there’s a problem with people that come into the country and are in the country illegally, and you can’t pay for the wall,” Cooper stated.

“So he said the United Sates should pay for that wall.”

Trump and Sanders both said that illegal immigration has to be addressed.

“We are going to build a wall on the southern border.

We’re going to have the strongest border in the world.

We have to stop illegal immigration,” Sanders said.

The moderator then highlighted Sanders’ opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, saying “it’s a very divisive issue.”

“It’s not about politics, it’s about making a difference,” Cooper responded.

“What we’re talking about here is not the Keystone pipeline.

What we’re discussing is the Keystone issue.”

Sanders, however, didn’t agree with Cooper’s assessment of his stance on the pipeline.

“It doesn’t matter what he says, he’s never going to get on the Keystone Pipeline,” Cooper countered.

“The point is, we have to get that pipeline off the ground.

We are not going to pay for a pipeline that we are not building.”


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