Which presidential candidates are better than the other?

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After a rough January, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have now tied for the lead in the latest debate ratings.

Both candidates have enjoyed a steady stream of positive debate ratings for months, with most of that coming in January.

However, the president has struggled to keep up with the candidates, while the Democratic nominee has had more positive ratings than Trump.

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls also show the candidates in a tight race, with Trump leading Clinton 51% to 45% in the first presidential debate, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson pulling in at 6% and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 2%.

Here’s how the candidates stack up in the polls:Trump has had a solid month, holding a steady lead in national polls since his first debate in January, with the latest poll showing him leading Clinton 47%-45% among likely voters in the new NBC/WSJ/Marism poll.

He has been polling above 40% for months now.

Clinton has held steady, holding steady at a whopping 44%-43% in a new NBC News poll out on Monday, while Johnson has held at just 5% and Stein at 3%.

Trump has a large lead in key battleground states, as he leads Clinton 47% to 44% in Michigan, 47% the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, 47%-46% in Ohio, 47-45% in Pennsylvania, and 48%-42% in Wisconsin.

In other key battlegrounds, Clinton has led Trump by just 2 points, 47%, in Virginia, 46%-43%, in Florida, 44%-44% in Iowa, and 46%-41% in North Carolina.

Trump’s lead has tightened somewhat since January, when he held a 14-point lead in early polls, but has remained at about that level.

The president has consistently been in the lead nationally, but Clinton’s lead is growing at a faster rate in key states.

The candidates have been tied in the debates for weeks, but Trump has continued to dominate the race for most of the month.

Clinton has held a 9-point advantage in recent days, while Trump has been in a virtual tie in the last two polls.

The last poll before the latest debates showed Clinton leading Trump 47%-42%, and a new CBS News/New York Times/CBS News poll showed Clinton at 46%-42%.

Trump’s recent surge in the race has been driven by his ability to build momentum in a few key battleground state polls, and he has managed to keep Clinton at bay in several of them.

The newest NBC News-Wall Street Times poll shows Clinton with a 5-point edge in Ohio and a 5.5-point cushion in Florida.

And the new CBS poll showed the president in the midst of a 14% lead in Florida and a 9% lead overall.

Clinton is still ahead in Colorado, where she holds a 2-point margin, and Wisconsin, where a new poll from Quinnipiac University shows her with a 3-point spread.

Trump is trailing Clinton in Iowa and Nevada, where he has trailed her in recent weeks.

Clinton also leads Trump in the national popular vote by more than 20 points, but the president’s lead over Clinton in the Electoral College has been shrinking since January.

Clinton now leads Trump by a point in the popular vote, 51%-47%, while Trump is down by just 5 points in the electoral college, 51-46%.


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