US election: The democratic debate recap

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On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump will hold a major speech outlining his vision for the future of the US economy.

Trump will set out his vision in detail and will lay out the challenges and opportunities ahead of him.

It will be a stark contrast to his predecessor Barack Obama who had focused on how to improve US economic performance.

Trump’s speech will be followed by a speech from Democratic President Joe Biden in which he will outline his vision of a “fair and open” US economy that respects the sovereignty of the states. 

In a series of recent speeches, Biden has focused on the need to address climate change and to promote US leadership in the international arena. 

The Democratic Party has also been focused on domestic issues, including the need for more investment in infrastructure and the need “to restore our national pride and integrity”. 

Biden will outline a set of priorities for the next four years that will see his administration “turn our backs on the corporate takeover of our politics, roll back the war on drugs and expand opportunities for working families”. 

On the foreign policy front, Biden will outline the “national security and foreign policy priorities of our administration” and outline “the most urgent priorities for our security”. 

The president will also lay out a set plan for a “peaceful transition of power” in the US after he leaves office, which will involve creating a “path to real peace in our world”. 

In the speech, Biden promises to “rebuild” the US “with American workers and American ingenuity”, promising “a fair, transparent, and independent investigation into all of our past misdeeds”. 

“America will no longer be defined by the blood and sacrifice of our soldiers and sailors, but by our ideals and our shared values”, he said. 

During his speech, the president will announce a series to take on the “cancer” of “globalisation”, and also make plans to increase the number of US jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

Trump will also outline a series on economic growth and jobs, saying “the economy is going to grow again, but it will be far more slowly than it was under President Obama”. 

He will also say he is “ready to take the lead” on issues such as the Iran nuclear deal, the Middle East peace process and climate change. 

BIDEN’S VIEW: Trump’s victory would be a huge victory for Democrats Bidens plan to make the US a “stronger, more prosperous country” was widely supported by the public. 

According to the Pew Research Centre, 80% of Americans support his plan for the US to become more “fair, transparent and independent” in its foreign policy and economy. 

Trump’s centrist economic plan has also shown support from a majority of Americans, with 71% of voters supporting it. 

This is the first time that a Democrat has taken office and won a major electoral victory. 

“Donald Trump has taken America to the next level in its own right,” said Democratic President Joe Biden.

“He’s set out a vision for our future, and we’re ready to put it into action. 

Donald Trump is a leader, and he will lead us to greatness.” 

In his address to the Democratic Party, Biden announced the first annual US trade deficit and a record $1.2tn in trade deficits between the US and China. 

His plan also will increase investment in infrastructure and improve our national pride in our national society and economy.


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